Mayhaw Recipes

Jimmy's Mayhaw Wine

Items Needed

1 - 5 gallon bucket

2 - 5 gallon carboys

1 – hydrometer

1 – plastic bubbler airlock

1 – large stainless steel spoon

1 – large funnel

30 – wine bottles

30 – corks

*All items must be sterilized before coming in contact with any ingredients

Ingredients Needed

5 – gallons mayhaw juice

5 – crushed campden tablets

2 1⁄2 tsp – pectic enzyme

7 lbs – sugar

5 tsp – nutrient

1 pkg – Laivin wine yeast

1 tsp – Potassium sorbate


Pour 1 gallon of mayhaw juice into 5 gallon bucket. Add crushed campden tablets, pectic enzyme, nutrient and 5 lbs sugar to juice. Mix well with stainless spoon. Add remaining juice to bucket and mix again. Check mixture with hydrometer. Sugar level must be 1.090, if not, add sugar until desired level. Transfer juice into carboy; fill to 2 inches below top of carboy. Cover top with cloth. Let stand for 24 hours. Add yeast, then put plastic bubbler airlock on top of carboy. It is natural for wine to be cloudy.

After 7 to 10 days, when yeast is no longer active, siphon into second sterilized carboy. DO NOT siphon settlement at bottom of first carboy. Let stand for 3 months.

Repeat process until wine is clear. The longer the wine bulk ages the better the wine. Add sugar to taste, add potassium sorbate, and mix well. Pour wine into bottles. Cork with corker. Wine is ready to drink.

Contributed By Jimmy D. Leger

Marvelous Mayhaw Slush Punch

Ingredients Needed

5 boxes sparkling jello

3 bottles water with fruit flavor (16 oz.)

5 cups sugar· ··

10 cups mayhaw juice

Perrier water - 36 ozs.


Mix jello according to directions and dissolve sugar. Stir in flavored water and mayhaw juice. The color of the punch is the color of the mayhaw juice. It becomes a lighter pink when it freezes.

Freeze punch, stirring two or three times during freezing process. Thaw slightly and serve partially frozen. Yields 6 quarts. (I used Sparkling White Grape Jello and Berry-Licious Water in this particular recipe.)

Contributed by Alex Laney, 1st Place Winner·

Mayhaw Wine

Ingredients Needed

11 quarts water

11 quarts mayhaws

8 pounds sugar

1 package wine yeast

1/2 teaspoon wine stabilizing potassium per gallon wine


Put 11 quarts water in a 16 quart stainless steel stock pot and let it get hot. Dissolve 4 pounds sugar in the hot water. Add 11 quarts mayhaws. Let mixture come to a boil. Simmer 5 minutes. Mash fruit. Pour in 3 large stainless dishpans. Cool to 105 degrees. Take out 8 ounces of juice and add 1 package of wine yeast to it. Mix well and add back to a pan of the mayhaw mixture. Take the pans to the cellar. Pour in a 5 gallon plastic water jug. Insert a 3/8 inch tube through a hole in the cap of the jug above the liquid. Seal around the tube with bees wax. Put the other end of the tube in a gallon jug of water. Let it work 3 weeks. Fruit will start to sink to the bottom of the jug. Strain into a stock pot. Add 4 pounds of sugar. Pour mixture in a glass 5 gallon jug. Put the tube from the jug into a gallon of water again. Seal around the tube in the 5 gallon jug. Let mixture work 3 weeks. Siphon into 1 gallon glass jugs. Add 1/2 teaspoon wine stabilizing potassium to each jug. Let it set 4 or 5 weeks until all particles settle to the bottom. Siphon into wine bottles. Leave 3 months before drinking. Keep in cellar at 65-68 degrees.

Contributed by Marie Birkhead

Mayhaw Brandy


Start with clean dry mayhaws, use a potato masher and gently break the skins. Place the mayhaws in a glass gallon jar. For every cup of mayhaws, add 2 cups of sugar. Cover the sugar and mayhaws with vodka and stir well. Cover with lid.

Once a week stir the mixture using a wooden spoon. At the end of 9 weeks strain using a jelly bag. You will need to strain at least 3 times to remove all of the sediment. Once the brandy is clear, bottle in glass containers with snug fitting lids.

Sugar may be adjusted to taste. If you like a sweeter brandy, add more sugar, if you prefer a dryer brandy, add less sugar.

Contributed by·Shirley Lord